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Easy-sight was invited to the Beijing International Underground Pipeline Expo 2017

At the executive meeting of the State Council, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out that it is an important measure to develop underground pipelines to effectively improve the urban quality by effectively avoiding frequent "surgeries" on urban pavement, and eliminating the "road zipper". In light of such outstanding and long-existing problems of underground infrastructure in urban areas, it is necessary to be based on the national conditions of China and learn from international advanced experience to build underground integrated corridors for centralized laying of municipal power lines, communications cables, broadcasting and television cables, water supply and drainage pipes, heat and gas in urban areas, As a livelihood project that is supported by the state, this measure will conducive to creating a smart city, improving the living environment and making the people's lives more secure, more convenient and more enjoyable.

To actively cooperate with promotion of urban construction in cities by the Government, to make full use of industry advantages, geographical advantages, resource advantages and policy advantages, to promote the construction and development of underground integrated pipeline corridors, technological innovation and international cooperation, the Fourth Beijing International Underground Pipeline Expo will be held in Beijing National Convention Center on September 13th-15th, 2017.
Covering an area of about 10,000 square meters, the Expo is expected to attract more than 200 exhibitors and more than 20,000 professional visitors, whereupon the competent government departments, planning and management units, procurement department of municipal engineering units, engineering research institutes, design institutes, universities, industry dealers, agents, traders, and professionals in urban construction archives, surveying and mapping, water supply, drainage, gas, heat, petrochemical, power, telecommunications and other fields from all over the country will gather in in Beijing of China, a city with the unlimited business opportunities. Meanwhile, as the China's largest industry benchmark annual event, the Expo will hold a series of activities such as forums, technical conferences, technical exchanges, business match-making and popularization of Sci-Tech on underground pipe networks, which will provide the enterprises in the industry an optimal platform for exchange and study, seeking cooperation, trade talks and mutual understanding.

Wuhan Easy-sight Technology Co., Ltd. is invited to the Expo with latest self-developed high-tech "artifact". Hereby, we sincerely invite our new and old customers to visit our booth for negotiation! We will surely reward you with our most enthusiastic service, the most professional knowledge, and the most edge-cutting technologies and products! We have been well prepared for your visit!

Visit Booth T17 for more exciting information from Easy-sight.

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