•HD video • Wireless wifi operation

•One button to defog • Remote inspection

•Touchscreen controls

•Android Phone / Tablet are optional

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X1 -H pipeline periscope is mainly used for quick testing and diagnosis of internal conditions of industrial container or pipeline. It can record and save internal image of tested object during the testing,while it can catch the saved defect images rapidly, or input characters by keyboard, overlap-display and save them in the video during recording, defect codes can be logged in by functional key. 

With high degree of integration as well as portability, built-in high performance battery is used for power supply, which is suitable for outdoor mobile work environment.

X1-H is used to rapidly detect and accept, generally investigate and assess drainage pipes , determine and analyze testing videos to form testing reports and direct-view electronic maps by “PipeSight pipeline testing video determination report software.

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Standard control rod

1. MaterialCarbon fiber;

2. Telescopic: nested telescopic design, strong fixed joints, the total length after total stretch is 5.5m;

3. Connection: through the thread, can be quickly extended;

4. Height adjustment: support rod length is 0.8m, with scale, integrated probe height of the fine-tuning elastic device, the end with a rubber buffer ball;

5. Weight: less than 3kg. 

Extension pole

1. Material Carbon fiber;

2. Telescopic: nested telescopic design, strong fixed joints, the total length of the total stretch is 5.1m;

3. Connection: through the threaded connection with the standard control rod, extension rod can be connected with another extension rod;

4. Weight: less than 2kg. 

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