•Crawler HMA for DN 150 up to DN 500


•Removable automatic elevator

•Commpatibale with Axial camera and Pan&Tilt camera

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Nominal pipe widths: DN150 up to DN 500 Camera : Pan & Tilt Camera / Axial Camera

Cable length: 150m 

Voltage: AC220V (AC 100V)

Drive vottage: 48V

Electrical current: 6A (12A)


Storage :128G

SensKivlty to light:0.1 Lux

Resolution: 2.1 Mogapixols (1920*1080P)

Zoom :10xoptical, 12xdigital

X5-HMA Pipeline CCTV Detection Robot

X5-HMA pipeline CCTV detection robot is a high-definition pipeline CCTV detection robot, which can be controlled by personal notebook computer or special controller.

Scope of application:Municipal (Industrial) Drainage Pipeline, Water Conservancy Pipeline Culvert, Comprehensive Pipeline Gallery, Cable Pipeline Channel.

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1. Configuration of control system: Any laptop computer can be used as control system.

2. Applicable diameter: 150 mm~400 mm;

3. Video display: both front and rear video can be displayed, and display resolution can be adjusted;

4. State display: Real-time display of time and date, travel distance, crawler posture information, and can set the font, font size, background color of information display;

5. Wheels: equipped with medium, small and extra-small groups of wheels, can use a Widener to widen the axle, to apply to different diameters;

Good synchronization: front and back video screen display synchronously;

High Definition and High Brightness: High Definition Camera, High Brightness Combination Light Source;

Stable performance: the whole machine is waterproof and explosion-proof;

Save heart and effort: easy disassembly, main control zero fault;

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