X5-HS pipeline CCTV Inspection robot is a product designed on the basis of industrial personal computer (IPC) system, Using a laptop instead of the traditional controller. During the testing, defect pictures are acquired; afterward, a testing report can be obtained immediately. 

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In addition, a pipeline gradient curve can be obtained in time during the testing to determine the sediment condition inside pipeline. Fish-eye lens is used, integrating “PipePano pipeline panorama testing video analysis software” , so as to generate the panorama image of inner wall of the pipeline, analyze and determine more finely and quantitatively (measurement on pipe diameter, crack width and so on).   

X5-HS pipeline CCTV Inspection robot is composed of crawler, lens, cable reel and main controller. There into,crawler can be overlapped with different models of lenses (i.e., rotary lens, direct-view lens, fish-eye lens) to response the operation orders of the main controller after connecting the cable reel with the main controller, such as crawler’s advance, reverse, turning, stopping and speed adjustment; the lens bracket’s lifting, fall, lighting adjustment;lens’s horizontal or vertical rotation, focusing, magnification change, forward and backward switching, etc. During the testing, the main controller can display and record images from the lens and state information of the creeper in time, input the remark information on the touch screen. 

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Electric cable ree

1、Wiring length: standard cable length 150 m;

2、Cable parameters: 2-core cable, drawing anti-Kevlar 300 kg, imported polyurethane sheath, cable diameter<6.5mm, waterproof, wear, acid, corrosion.

3、Automatic retractable cord: with electromagnetic clutch, crawling forward process, the clutch is released, the cable drag crawler when crawling back, the clutch is closed, automatic closing line;

4、Retractable matching :  provide four speed of the gear selection to meet when the crawler assembly of the different wheels , the maximum protection of crawlers and cables;

5、Automatic cable:  when retractable line process,  ensure the cable stay in rules on the wire distribution;

 6、Interface: through the wireless interface or network interface with the control system to establish a connection, control system to achieve control of transmission;

PipeSight pipeline testing video determination report software

1. It is used to play and review testing video files, add testing information, shoot defect images and read descriptions, etc;

2. The data of the determination result generate image-character testing reports automatically (including project information, project overview, defect distribution schematic, testing equipment introduction, operation flow schematic, defect statistics, detailed defect chart, etc);

3. It can be used to export universal ShapeFile interface data for GIS platform; provide electronic map lookup function to mark the operation spots on the electronic map, look up the corresponding testing data of operation spots, read information ,defect images and testing videos;

4. It can be used to export a defect distribution map as a grid format in order for data report and reading. 

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