•Crawler HT for DN 300 up to DN 800

•Powerful six-wheel steerable drive

•Rear-facing camera

•Free wheel mode

•Non-removable automatic elevator

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X5-HT pipeline CCTV detection robot is a high-definition pipeline CCTV detection robot, which can be controlled by personal notebook computer or special controller. Laptops or dedicated controllers are connected to other parts of the system by wireless (wired) mode to display and store HD detection video in real time.

In the process of inspection, defect pictures can be quickly captured, and the inspection report can be obtained immediately after the inspection is completed. In addition, the slope curve of the pipeline can be obtained in real time during the detection process to judge the internal deposition of the pipeline.

The X5-HT pipeline CCTV inspection robot consists of four parts: crawler, lens, cable tray and control system. Among them, the crawler can carry lenses of different specifications (such as: rotating lens, direct-looking lens, fisheye lens). After connecting with the control system through the cable tray, it responds to the operation commands of the control system, such as: the crawler's forward, backward, steering, stop, speed adjustment; the lifting, descending of the lens base, and light adjustment. Section; horizontal or vertical rotation of lens, focusing, zoom, forward and backward switching, etc. In the detection process, the control system can display and record the picture returned by the lens and the status information of the crawler in real time, and input the notes information through the touch screen.

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Digital HD

More than 2 million pixels high-definition picture quality, front and rear viewing on the same screen screen display, free switching.

Wireless Manipulation and Transmission

Master wireless control, combined with mobile network to achieve cloud data interaction.

1. Configuration of control system: Any laptop computer can be used as control system, with built-in acquisition and analysis software;

2. Distribution length: the standard cable length is 150 meters;

3. Optimum pipe diameter: 250mm~1200mm;

4. Matching of receiving and releasing: automatic matching of receiving and releasing, maximum protection of crawlers and cables;

5. Video display: can display both front and rear video, display resolution adjustable;

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