HD Wireless Sewer Pipe Inspect Manhole Pole Camera

Model: X1-H4  

Easy Sigth Quciksee sewer liner from an adjoining manhole, and inspecti manhole and tanks.It is mainlyl used to:

Ø  Diagnosing emergency call-outs

Ø   Performing a rapid, system-wide assessment

Ø   Prioritizing CCTV, cleaning and rehab activities.

Ø   Viewing pipes to deteriorated for a crawler

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X1-H4 Pole Camera

The new X1-H4 QV HD pole camera is the only zoom survey camera

Ø  Wireless Wifi control operation

Ø  HD image quality(2.1 mega, 1920*1080P) 

Ø  Touch screen tablet control

Ø  In-manhole view centering

Ø  Hands-free stablization

Ø  One button to defog

Easy to see inside pipe sight

Ø  High Touch screen tablet interface allows control, viewing, annotation and playback

Ø  Optimum centerline viewing, camera height and tilt adjust remotely

Ø  Material: carbon fiber

Ø  Connection: through the thread, can be quickly extended

Ø  Height adjustment: support rod length is 0.8m, with scale, integrated probe height of the fine-tuning elastic device, the end with a rubber buffer ball

Ø  Total gross weight : 24kg(including carrying case)

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Portable to deploy anywhere

Ø  System components travel in compact, rugged roller case with telescoping handle.

Ø  Rechargeable , 9-hours lithium batteries keep customers insepcting all day

Ø  WiFi based contol and video transmission means no cables.

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