Sewer Pipe Cleaning Camera Nozzle

 Model: PT-C

Easy Sigth Sewer Camera Nozzle offers our customers the ability to clean sewer and storm lines while recording upright image video. 

The Easy-Sight System quickly determines the need for further line assessment with your crawler camera crew, saving time and money.

Easy-Sight cleaning camera nozzles features:

Ø    Simultaneous completion of drainage pipe cleaning and video inspecting

Ø   Wireless transmission technology, no cable

Ø  Add humanized wiper function, can remove fog and mud, make detection video more clear


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PT-C Pipe Cleaning Camera Nozzle

Technical parameters:

Ø  Applicable pipe diameter: above 250mm

Ø  Effective transmission distance of wireless signal: 100m

Ø  Battery life: more than 8 hours

Ø  Video: 200W color hd

Ø  Signal transmission: wireless

Ø  Weight: 20 kg

Ø  The high-pressure water flow is 160L/min, and the maximum working pressure of the high-pressure pump is 120bar


Give me a: Call Download Quote
Give me a: Call Download Quote
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