X120- UV

•Digital transmission, real-time monitoring , automatic

voltage stabilization /

•High integration, geirleraton powersupply only;.

•Short curing time and high speed 

•LED curing ;

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X120-UV portable light curing system consists of mobile control system, transmission cable, UV light fixture, high definition lens and auxiliary tools. It is mainly applicable to trenchless repair of municipal pipe network and repaired pipe diameter is DN200-DN1600. It can be operated in small size, light weight, and with external generator, can be loaded with blue brand vehicles, and is not limited by restrictions; at same time it can be separated from vehicle to operate in narrow street. 

Main technical characteristics of product:

1. Portable: Integrated design, high integration, only need generator power supply;

2. High efficiency: Curing time is short and speed is fast.

3. Energy saving: Adopt led curing to realize low energy consumption without pollution;

4. Stability: Digital transmission, real-time monitor the repair status, automatic voltage regulation;

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※ Small lamp holder

1. Adaptive pipe diameter: DN200-DN600;

2. Light source: use LED light source with 50000 hours service life;

3. Measurement: configuration temperature sensor, pressure sensor, laser ranging sensor can measure current temperature value, pressure value and distance value in real time, and monitor curing process;

4. Adaptive adjusting way of pipe diameter: manual adjustment; 

※ Small prick-head

1. Material: stainless steel material;

2. Seal: Cover plate is equipped with a sealing ring for stabilizing voltage;

3. Specifications: DN200, DN300, DN400, DN500, DN600 two of each; 

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