X4 pipeline sonar insepction system performs underwater innspection by transmition sonar waves and receiving echoes, and it is mainly used for the inspection of pipelines full of water.lt can get accurate inspection effects for multiple structural defects and functional defects of pipelines, and can perform quantittative analysis. It can be additionally equipped with a floating valve to realized synchronous CCTV and sonar.

Sonar system cable-reel dan be in common use with X5 CCTV cable reel.

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1. Size: 110mm * 165mm * 35mm 

2. Weight: 0.2kg 

Power Supply:220V electricity supply , optional external battery power supply.

1. Size: Total length 346mm, diameter 70mm.

2. Material:Stainless steel case.

3. Waterproof: IP68 

4. Operating temperature: 0~40℃ 

5. Storage temperature: -20~70℃ 

6. Weight: Weighing 1.75kg in water, weighing 3kg in air.

7. Acoustic frequency: 2MHz 

8. Beam width: 1.1deg (3dB), conical beam

9. Range resolution (0.125m range): 0.5mm 

10. Applicable caliber: 6000mm 

11. Transmitted pulse width: 4~20μs

12. Reception bandwidth: 500KHz; 

Power requirements: 26V DC (+/-1V), 0.5A sustained, 1A peak.

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1. Control unit: It can control the rise and fall of the lens mount; brightness of light source, lens horizontal or vertical rotation, focusing, zoom, etc., front and rear view switching, etc..

2. Display unit:12.1 inch industrial high brightness LCD display, resolution 1024 * 768, with anti-glare function, visible under strong light; the current video effect such as brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, sharpness, etc. can be adjusted and enhanced.

3. Storage: 64G solid state hard disk, data direct storage, no external storage device is needed.

4. Interface:Integrated video output, USB interface, data, power cable interface.

5. Input function: USB keyboard or touch screen input, input text in Chinese, English and so on.

X4-TV pipeline inspection system is an integrated precision TV and sonar detection system in which a floating device that carries sonar probes combining with CCTV is mainly used for monitoring the inner condition of urban drainage pipelines. Compared with the traditional pipeline detection robot, X4-TV can not only detect the internal situation of pipelines by means of real-time video monitoring and recording, video playback, image capture and video file storage and other operations, but also detect the underwater part of the pipelines through sonar detection methods, thus achieving more effective detection of pipelines under a certain depth of water. This is a new function that the previous robot cannot perform. Without entering the pipe, you can understand the internal condition of the pipeline. X4-TV pipeline inspection system provides an important basis for the formulation of maintenance and repair plans. Scope of applications includes drainage pipelines and water supply pipelines.

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