After the drain pipe leaks, the sewage leaks out of the pipeline to produce environmental pollution, and the groundwater leakage into the pipeline will increase.Urban drainage operation and maintenance costs, detection and repair of drainage pipes are important for municipal departments Work content. LeakBefore the repair, you need to determine the defect location, defect size, defect type and other leak information. , sonar and other traditional detection methods can not detect defective joints and defect sub-pipe and other small and medium-sized leaks, low leakage rate, and can not be classified and leakage of leakage assessment, Meet the real needs.

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ØX6 Drainage Pipeline Leakage Detection instrument uses the focus current rapid detection technology, real-time measurement of polycoke electrode array probe in the pipeline when the continuous movement through the leak leakage current, Locate pipe leaks.

ØX6 drainage pipe leak detection instrument set leak site location, leak assessment and leak classification in one, for pipeline repair to provide the best repair goals and low-cost repair methods to determine the most cost-effective pipe network maintenance / repair program is Drainage Pipeline Leakage Repair is essential for the detection tool.

ØDisplay unit: 12.1 inches industrial-grade HD bright LCD touch screen, resolution 1024 * 768, with anti-glare function, visual under the strong light;

Ø 64G solid state hard drive (expandable capacity), data directly stored, no external storage device;

Ø Interface: integrated video output, USB interface, data, power cable interface;

Ø Input function: external USB keyboard or input via touch screen, the input text can be in Chinese & English, etc .;

Ø Information display: real-time display of the date and time, leakage current curve and distance;

ØInteractive button: button start an analysis software, conduct interpretation and report analysis;

ØSize: 380mm * 240mm * 70mm;8. Weight: about 3.5kg;

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Ø Defect locating: Center of current anomaly is the location of leak

ØDefect classification: Morphological characteristics of current anomaly are corresponding to different types of pipeline defects

Ø Defect size: Area of current anomaly is the relative size of defect

Ø Defect Distribution: Length of current anomaly is the length of defect

Ø Defect rating assessment: assess the relative size of pipeline defects, large defects, medium defects and small defects

ØCount: high precision (± 0.01m) encoder, used to measure the paying off length of the cable;

Ø Winding displacement: automatic stack displacement device;

Ø Protection: dust and water splash proof;

ØSize: 420mm * 330mm * 570mm.

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